Structural Geology on a Personal Computer
by Ze'ev Reches and others

SoftStructure is a package of 20 (and more) programs for
Quantitative Analysis in Structural Geology
It is free for research and teaching; usage is expected to be acknowledged in resulting publications.

SoftStructure programs are organized in the groups listed below. 

MOHR-Calculating and plotting of Mohr diagrams for 2D and 3D stress state.
SHEAR-Calculating stress components on fractures for 3D stress state and plotting on a stereonet the likelihood for slip or dilation along fractures.
STRAIN.XLS- Forward 2D strain analysis of finite strain and rigid body motion including plots of the deformed objects.
GeOrient- Plotting strereonets and rose diagrams; user should get the GeOrient program from its author: R. Holocombe
GeoCalc- Calculating angular relations of lines and planes; user should get the GeoCalc program from its author: R. Holocombe
DIRECT- Conversion between directional angles and plunge/trend of orienteddata.
FRY- Fry strain analysis of deformed grains (either field data or forward deformed data).
CALCTWIN-Dynamic analysis of calcite twins including calculations of angles and stereographic plots
SECTION-Plotting stratigraphic sections (by Gongquan Chen, U of Oklahoma, Norman, OK)

SIMQUAKE- Simulation of time, position and magnitude of earthquakes along a fault surface with nonuniform strength. 

FOLTING-1 Stress, strain and displacement distributions within a multi layer subjected to basement faulting.
FOLTING-2 As FOLTING-1 with plotting of tensile stresses.

CRACK-Calculating and mapping the stress field of mode I / mode II fracture(2D).
ESHELBY-Stresses within a rigid or a soft 3D inclusion embedded in an infinite medium.
OVERTHRUST BLOCK-Stress field within an overthrust block; a 2D solution for Hubbert and Rubey problem.
DIS3D-Deformation due to dislocations in 3D elastic half-space (by L. Ericson, Stanford Univ., CAL)
PLOTDIS-Plotting stress and displacement maps of DIS3D results.
STRENGTH- Strength distribution in a four-layered lithosphere (brittle/ductilealterations).

GROWTH-Animation of fault growth inside a Westerly granite sample by using recorded locations of acoustic emission events.
PROCESS-Same as GROWTH with emphasis on fault process zone.
FAULTING IN 3D-Clacualtion and plotting of the expected faults and slip axes under 3D strain field.
STRESS-Stress inversion of fault slip data and/or focal-plane solutions to determine paleostresses and/or in-situ stresses.
RETILT- CONVERT- FLT2FCL- Service programs to STRESS 

Suggested syllabus for a class titled: "Structural Geology on a Personal Computer" including a series of 13 assignments. 

Source codes of most programs written in QuickBasic 4.0 (ASCII format). 

Background files and manuals for the main programs of SoftStructure. Files appear in WRITE 3.0 / WordPad format (WRITE / WordPad are the wordprocessor of WINDOWS). 

Getting or Upgrading SoftStructure (it's free for research and teaching)
Current Version: 1.6, May, 2000 (WIN95/98), approximately 2.5 Mb

Download now from WWW site

You should download one, self extracting file for win95/98:  SoftStructure_zip.exe 

Download, unzip and run 'setup.bat' 

Or, one can also get SoftStructure as follows (lower case: your input, upper case: computer prompt): 

USERNAME anonymous
PASSWORD (enter your FULL username including computer name, e.g.,
cd pub/softstructure/
get SoftStructure_zip.exe


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